We are Spain
A country that matters

A country that matters

Spain is admired and respected the world over. Our geographical position, our history, and our defence of human rights and of mutual understanding among cultures have all made our country a significant actor on the international stage.

Ready to Help

Solidarity is an undeniable value of Spaniards. We are a world leader in organ donation and our society is one of the most committed to humanitarian projects in the world.


Spaniards believe in innovation and scientific research as part and parcel of social progress. Throughout history, Spaniards have demonstrated audacity and ingenuity to overcome the most challenging and diverse obstacles.


The open and hospitable nature of Spanish people is a hallmark of our country. Throughout our history, different cultures have coexisted in Spain, resulting in our tolerant and peaceable character.


We are a multitalented country. Our creativity captivates the world, and our ingenuity has made Spanish art an international benchmark.