European Women’s Team Badminton Championships in Kazan, Russia, 2018. Photo: Badminton Europe.

Spain, a European badminton leader

This year, our country is hosting two European championships: the European Badminton Championships in Huelva, from 24 to 29 April, and the European Senior Championships in Guadalajara, from 24 to 30 September.

It is a fact that Spain has become a top organiser of sporting events. Since it hosted the Iberdrola Junior Championships in Bilbao a couple of years ago, the Spanish Badminton Federation (FESBA) has become a leading sports organisation, facing the toughest challenges.

From 24 to 29 April, Huelva is playing host to the European Badminton Championships, to be held at the Carolina Marín Sport Centre – a facility dedicated to the Spanish badminton player who has managed to find her place on a podium usually taken by Asians. Marín herself – Olympic medallist and world champion – will be fighting for victory at home. At the presentation, she described this tournament as ‘one of the highlights in my career.’ The championships will draw 300 players from 25 different countries, placing Huelva on the world sports map.

The organisation is being supervised by Badminton Europe, the governing body of European badminton. According to FESBA President David Cabello, the European Championships will be ‘the most important sporting event being held in Spain this year.’

Guadalajara, another great host city

In addition to Huelva, another Spanish city was chosen to hold a badminton event in 2018: Guadalajara is playing host to the European Senior Championships from 24 to 30 September. Being a European City of Sport 2018, this capital in Castile-La Mancha has organised more than 230 sporting events to be held this year.

Brian Agerbak, General Secretary at Badminton Europe, said that Spain was a well-known destination among badminton players, which means high numbers of participants are to be expected. The European Senior Championships will take place at the Palacio Multiusos, which can hold up to 16 courts.

Global recognition and potential for growth

The championships in Huelva and Guadalajara will put Spain on the map of world badminton as they show our country’s commitment to sport, health and social integration. This year, FESBA signed a cooperation agreement with the City of Shizuoka in Japan and is a participant in Badminton for All, an EU project.