Spain’s image stands third on European list

The 8th Wave of Spain’s Image Barometer (BIE), prepared by Elcano Royal Institute, shows Spain stands third in a ranking of European countries.

According to the 8th Wave of Spain’s Image Barometer (BIE), prepared by Elcano Royal Institute, Spain’s image ranks high on a list of European countries. With a score of 7.1, our country stands third in Europe, as does Germany, as announced today in Madrid by researchers Carmen González Enríquez and José Pablo Martínez.

The survey focuses on European countries only. As many as 3790 individuals from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Portugal and the UK aged 18 to 70 answered a questionnaire and scored (0 to 10) all the countries on the list, including the country they live in and Spain.

The survey contains the average value given by the residents of each country to all the countries mentioned above. The country with the highest score (7.7) was Sweden, which stands ahead of the Netherlands (7.3), Germany and Spain (7.1). The only country from Eastern Europe in the survey – Poland – has the weakest national image (5.6).

The average scores given by each country to Spain are very similar to those given by all the countries in the sample taken together. Spain obtained the highest score from Poland (7.4), and the lowest from Germany (6.7).

Spain’s image earned 0.5 points more in 2018 than in 2012

As to the evolution of Spain’s overall value, its score remains the same as last year (7.1). Yet the 7th Wave of the BIE covered several countries in Asia, the Americas and Africa.

In any case, the current value is higher than the one given to Spain in 2012 (6.5) and also higher than those in the first editions of the BIE. The highest average score Spain has got so far was 7.2, obtained in 2016.

Tourism, gastronomy and kindness, the best valued aspects of our national image

The European Union considers Spain as a traditional country where religion matters, and sees our society as tolerant, ready to help, democratic and honest.

As in previous BIE reports, in the a tourism chapter Spain as was given the highest score (8.1). Its gastronomy (7.2) and Spaniards’ kindness (7,1) earned our country high scores too. Other Spanish aspects our European neighbours considered to be very good are security and shopping (6.7).

Spain is considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It ranked second by the number of international visitor arrivals in 2017; what is more, most interviewees had been to Spain before, for instance, 89% of interviewees from Portugal and 81% from France had visited our country. The exception was Poland, as only 32% of the surveyed individuals had visited Spain.

To French, Italian, Belgian, Dutch and Polish individuals taking part in the survey, Spain was their favourite travel destination. Moreover, Barcelona is the most attractive Spanish town to foreign visitors, with Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Granada coming behind.

Spanish cultural products were especially valued in Italy and Poland, while infrastructures and technology are the elements that got the highest scores from the Portuguese and Italian individuals who took part in the survey. Portugal and Italy gave also the highest scores to the Spanish companies based in their countries.

Finally, our economy was highly valued in Italy (6.7), Portugal (6.7) and Poland (6.6).