Spain, Once Again a 'full democracy' according to the annual index of The Economist


Madrid, 9 January 2019. At a time in which the quality of European democracy has been set back by the rise of populism, Spain remains a "full democracy" according to the Democracy Index 2018, which has just been made public by the Intelligence Division of the prestigious British publication The Economist. Spain occupies, the same position it did in January last year, the 19th position from a total of 165 countries analyzed, with a ranking that exceeds 8 points out of 10 (specifically, 8.08).

"Against hoaxes and attempts to create false accounts, data and facts; independent institutions such as The Economist, whose independence is more than proven, make it clear that Spain is a full democracy," says Global Spain's Secretary of State, Irene Lozano, an organization whose mission is to watch over Spain's reputation inside and outside its borders. "Despite all the failed attempts to tarnish our image, The Economist once again corroborates the quality of our institutions and our democracy," concludes Lozano.

According to The Economist, the quality of Spanish democracy is higher than that of other European partners such as France, Belgium, Italy or Portugal, based on high scores in categories such as 'Political Pluralism', where our country obtains a spectacular 9.17 points; or civil liberties, where we are on the verge of 9. The rankings for 'Political Culture', 'Functioning of Government' and 'Political Participation' are also very high, between 7.14 and 7.78.

According to The Economist, there are only 20 full democracies in the world, and Spain is one of them. The rest of the states analyzed are divided between those that are flawed democracies, hybrid regimes and authoritarian regimes, according to an index that has been compiled annually since 2006 and that is a reference for governments and institutions all over the world.