The National LGBT Pride Parade will take place on 7 July. Photo: MADO’18.

The National LGBT Pride Parade will take place on 7 July. Photo: MADO’18.

LGBT Pride Parade stage ceremony. Photo: MADO’18.

Madrid, four decades of pride in diversity

MADO’18, Madrid’s LGBT Pride festival, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first LGBTIQ+ parade in the Spanish capital this year, from 28 June to 8 July.

Once again this year, Madrid is turning into the capital of diversity and tolerance, courtesy of MADO’18, the LGBT Pride festival being held in the district of Chueca and some of the city’s main streets.

The organisers have engaged the younger generations for the opening ceremony on 4 July, led by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo, and featuring Operación Triunfo 2017 participants Agoney and Marina, water polo player Víctor Gutiérrez, photographer Lucía Sun, Olympic figure skaters/dancers Javier Raya and Luis Fenero, and singer Lolita Watson.

The MADO’18 programme includes a wide range of activities: exhibitions, dance performances, theatre and puppet shows, dramatic readings, sports competitions, and outdoor concerts by Barei, Delaporte, Rozalén, Ruth Lorenzo, Soleá Morente, and others. It is a programme designed to spread the multi-ethnic, multicultural atmosphere across the city, opening it to the world and filling its streets with people and colour.

Celebrations will come to a climax on 7 July with the National LGBT Pride Parade, organised by COGAM, FELGTB and other organisations under the slogan, ‘Achieving equality, TRANSforming society’. The parade is expected to draw 2 million individuals and associations from all over the world. It will go along the main streets in central Madrid, from Atocha to Colón, from 5.30pm to midnight.

A tolerant country

Spain is a global leader in terms of laws protecting the rights of the LGBTI community. It stands among the top ten countries in terms of legal equality and favourable social climate for LGBTI people, according to the ILGA-Europe ranking.

The World Values Survey (114 countries) and similar studies place Spain among the top three countries in terms of acceptance of homosexuality, along with Sweden and the Netherlands. Moreover, our country is a global leader in the integration of transgender people, says an IPSOS report.