Irene Lozano pays tribute in France, to the Spaniards who joined the Resistance against the Nazis

The State Secretary for Global Spain participated in a ceremony presided over by Emmanuel Macron to commemorate the French Resistance and pay tribute to the Spanish exiles in the city of Annecy.

The State Secretary for Global Spain, Irene Lozano, paid tribute to the French Resistance against the Nazis in a ceremony that was held in Haute-Savoie, last Sunday. The aim of her participation was to remember and vindicate the role of the Spanish exiles who, after the civil war, joined the foreign battalions of the French army during World War II.

Lozano, accompanied by the Director General of Global Spain, Joaquín de Arístegui, attended the ceremony presided over by the French President, Emmanuel Macron, who began the tribute with a speech at the Morette cemetery, then proceeded to the Glières Plateau, the scene of the first battle between the French Forces of the Interior and the Nazis, supported by the Vichy regime. Although the French were defeated on March 26, 1944, the battle has become symbolic in the history of the French Resistance.

Dozens of Spaniards took part in the resistance organisation "Sección Ebro", created by Miguel Vera, who was exiled, and managed to escape from one of the Companies of Foreign Workers. As Irene Lozano points out, "the Spaniards who joined the French Resistance fought for democracy and freedom which is so admirable and transcends borders, languages and nations". Their will, she recalls, was "to fight Nazism, to help restore freedom in France and Europe and to extend it to Spain".

Last Sunday afternoon, Lozano joined the Mayor of Annecy in a tribute to the Spaniards who contributed to the liberation of the city, which will celebrate its 75th anniversary in August. The State Secretary insisted that "it is necessary to pay tribute to these Spanish heroes, who faced fascism not only in Spain, but also in France, and to whom unfortunately we have not given the recognition they deserve until now".

The participation of Global Spain in the tribute to the French Resistance and to the Spaniards who participated in it, is part of the commemorative programme that has been organised by the Government to mark the 80th anniversary of the Republican exile, which will consist of various events throughout this year.