The Observatory was created with the aim to monitor and analyse the status and evolution of business and competitive intelligence in Spain as the solid base of the national security strategy

España Global backs new MESIAS Business and Competitive Intelligence observatory

The Observatory’s first report highlights the need to boost Spanish business intelligence and provide it with the resources Spain requires to reach the same level as neighbouring countries in this regard.

The Secretary of State for España Global, Irene Lozano, led today at San Pablo CEU University in Madrid the presentation of the MESIAS Business and Competitive Intelligence Observatory. MESIAS is Marca España intelligence system at the service of España Global (formerly Marca España), which has developed the Observatory in cooperation with the Intelligence Services and Democratic Services Chair.

The Observatory was created with the aim to monitor and analyse the status and evolution of business and competitive intelligence in Spain as the solid base of the national security strategy. Plus, the Observatory will recommend strategies for boosting economic and competitive intelligence to face competitiveness at the global level.

 ‘Businesses are the spearhead of our national reputation,’ said Irene Lozano. ‘Initiatives like this one show the importance of joint work and cooperation between universities, businesses and institutions,’ she added, indicating that the Observatory is of crucial importance to España Global.

The Secretary of State also pointed at the Confidence Index by MESIAS, which this year hit a record high of 61.3 points. She mentioned the areas Spain is a global leader in: ‘Our country stands 19th among 167 countries  scored by The Economist for the Democracy Index.’

At the event, the Observatory Zero Report was presented. It took five years to analyse the intelligence models from other European countries and compare them with the Spanish model. The report contains conclusions of the study on the current use of business and competitive intelligence in Spain.

The results of the study reveal the need to implement and encourage public-private cooperation to channel the work done with business and competitive intelligence as the neighbouring countries of Spain do. Furthermore, there is the need to provide Spanish companies with the same resources as companies get in other European countries to become competitive in a growingly complex and competitive scenario.

Competitiveness of Spain’s economy

The presentation of the MESIAS Business and Competitive Intelligence was attended by the General Director at MESIAS–Inteligencia de Marca España, José María Cubillo, who said, ‘economic intelligence is a structural requirement for the competitiveness of Spain’s economy. It is not optional.’ He said he was sorry ‘Spain allocates so little money into business intelligence, much less than in similar European economies.’

The head of the Intelligence and Democratic Systems at the URJC Chair, Fernando Velasco, pointed at the need to carry out an assessment before making a decision, because ‘data per se are worthless.’ ‘There must be experts who handle, analyse and contextualise the data; most mistakes made in decision-making result from deficient assessment.’

The Director of the Observatory, Héctor Izquierdo, explained its role in the world of business: ‘Companies that have developed business and competitive intelligence programmes perform better in terms of competitiveness, levels of influence, and ability to defend their material and intangible assets.’

Antonio Bonet, President of the Club of Spanish Exporters and Investors, an institution that has promoted business intelligence as a tool for boosting competitiveness among Spanish exporters, attended the event. ‘The MESIAS Observatory will play a key role in helping our firms grow bigger in international markets,’ he remarked.

San Pablo CEU University Vice-Chancellor, Antonio Calvo, is happy with the project carried out at this University, which involves collaborative research done by professors and students. ‘A project as ambitious as this one, focused on Spanish businesses, is ideally carried out in a university, where knowledge is created and developed,’ he said.

MESIAS is a nation-brand intelligence system made of volunteer researchers from fifteen universities and business schools based at the San Pablo CEU University. The team’s mission consists in monitoring the overall status and evolution of our country’s nation brand. Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation, the project is at the service of the Spanish Government through the Secretary of State for España Global.