Salamanca joins ‘Values to Build Dreams’ campaign to promote hard work and excellence among the youth


Today, the Chairman of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, José Luis Bonet, and the High Commissioner for Marca España, Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, introduced ‘Values to Build Dreams’ in Salamanca. The campaign, organised by the three organisations already mentioned, is aimed at promoting the importance of effort and self-sacrifice, inquisitiveness, humbleness and zeal for improvement among the youth.

These values are embodied by Marca España Honorary Ambassadors like basketball player Pau Gasol, scientist María Blasco, opera singer Ainhoa Arteta, businessman Francisco Martínez-Cosentino, chef Joan Roca, mountaineer Edurne Pasaban or flamenco dancer Sara Baras. They all appear on the video shot for the campaign and screened at the presentation, talking about the values that have guided their careers – values which they consider to be the key to success and which must thus be passed on to younger generations.

The event took place at Caja España-Duero Theatre, gathering 300 students from six local schools and their teachers. Speakers included José Ignacio Sánchez Galán, CEO at Iberdrola; Vicente del Bosque, former coach of the Spanish National Football Team; José Gómez, CEO at Joselito (Iberian ham and pork products); Ricardo Rivero, University of Salamanca Chancellor; and Benjamín Crespo, Chairman of the Salamanca Chamber of Commerce.

According to José Luis Bonet, ‘the idea came about in a talk with Pau Gasol. We agreed on the need to support and encourage talent in Spanish youth, and to help young people face challenges in their lives and careers.’ ‘By transferring the values that have informed their path to excellence, these eminent men and women are educating youngsters, for their values are the pillars of personal and professional achievements. There is no education without values,’ he remarked.

At the presentation, Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros highlighted the fact that all the people in the video ‘reached professional success without giving up on their values.’ ‘Young people need to look up to men and women like those in the video,’ he added, ‘to be successful in life and be good at the same time.’

The video was followed by a talk with figures from the spheres of business, sports and culture with ties to Salamanca, hosted by journalist Gloria Lomana.