The King and Queen present certificates to the new Honorary Ambassadors for Marca España


The seventh promotion of Honorary Ambassadors for Marca España received their certificates on Tuesday 14 March, from King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain.

In 2017, Francisco Martínez Cosentino (Business Management), Andrés Iniesta (Sport), Gabriel Escarrer (Tourism and Gastronomy), Sara Baras (Culture and Communication), the Elcano Royal Institute (Institutional Relations), “la Caixa” Social Projects (Social Action) and Juan Ignacio Cirac (Science and Innovation) were those bestowed with the awards on the initiative of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, in collaboration with the Office of the High Commissioner for Marca España.

The new Honorary Ambassadors for Marca España went to the Reina Sofía Museum together with representatives from the institutions being recognised, in order to collect their awards, as well as authorities such as the Minister for Education, Culture and Sport, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo. The only absence at the ceremony was that of the footballer, Andrés Iniesta, who sent a video by way of thanks and emphasised that “it is a great honour for me to be an Ambassador for Marca España.” His father, José Antonio, collected the certificate and highlighted the “responsibility” that this award represents for the Barcelona Football Club and Spanish national team player.

Genuine role models

King Felipe praised those honoured, describing them as “genuine role models.” "Their success has been achieved through hard work, creativity and courage; qualities which, together with the strongest values, enable our society to tackle and overcome the most difficult challenges. You represent the best of Spain and project our image, talent and values around the world", his Majesty King Felipe added.

It was Sara Baras, meanwhile, who spoke on behalf of the new Honorary Ambassadors, making a speech that was full of emotion and demonstrating her love for a "a wonderful country, that is recognised and respected all over the world."

"Spain is the Alhambra and the Sagrada Familia, it is Lorca and Dalí," highlighted the Flamenco dancer, who mentioned other outstanding figures such as Pablo PicassoPedro Almodóvar and Antonio Banderas, a nation “which combines tradition and modernity, heritage and culture, technology and gastronomy”, the Spain of "thousands of anonymous citizens who work hard every day to make a better country."

The Honorary Ambassador highlighted the values of Spanish society, such as hard work, perseverance and teamwork, which are essential for fulfilling dreams. This message was present throughout the ceremony and was reflected in the premiere of the video ‘Values which build dreams’, produced by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and Marca España.