Spain’s health care efficiency ranks first in Europe, third in the world

Spain ranks third among the countries with the highest health care efficiency according to Bloomberg’s health care efficiency index , an annual analysis made in almost 200 economies. The study considers Hong Kong and Singapore as ‘healthy havens’.

Spain’s health care system has confirmed it enjoys excellent health, according to a Bloomberg study that ranked our country third behind Hong Kong and Singapore, and first in Europe.

American financial, software, data and media company Bloomberg has published its annual health-efficiency index, which analyses health care efficiency in almost 200 economies taking into consideration average lifespan, per-capita spending on health care, or spending on health care relative to GDP.

Spain’s health efficiency score was 69.3, ranking third behind Hong Kong (87.3) and Singapore (85.3). Our country was followed by Italy (67.6), South Korea (67.4), Israel (67.0), Japan (64.3), Australia (62.0), Taiwan (60.8) and the United Arab Emirates (59.7).

The Spanish health care system has been among the most efficient in the world for some time now. Specifically, it moved up to third in 2016, and has since remained there. Our country has a high life expectancy, one of the highest in the world, and a health care relative cost within the average range.

Spain has a life expectancy of 82.8 years, only behind Hong Kong, Japan and Switzerland, a per-capita total health expenditure of 2354 dollars (around 2000 euro) per year, and a relative cost, measured by total health expenditure as a percentage of GDP, of 9.2%.

Bloomberg used data as of 2015 for all economies, except for Hong Kong and Taiwan in which case it used 2014 data.