10 reasons to WORK in Spain
1 A competitive market

Spain has one of the most dynamic markets in the European Union. According to ICEX Exportación e Inversiones data, Spanish exports have consistently hit new record levels several years in a row, growing close to 4% per year. This success is a reflection of Spanish industry’s capability and competitiveness.

2 Global companies

Our country is home to leading multinationals in their respective sectors: Acciona, Abertis, BBVA, Santander, Iberdrola, Indra, OHL, FCC, Ferrovial, Repsol, Amadeus, CIE Automotive, Gamesa, Telefónica and Zara. These are just some of the most valuable Spanish firms that have succeeded in internationalizing and have become one of the pillars of Marca España’s global strength

3 Investor appeal

The Spanish economy’s strong momentum has made Spain one of the main destinations for foreign investment. According to the latest ‘Snapshot of the business climate in Spain from the foreign investor’s perspective’, 95% of multinationals will expand or increase their investment in our country, with a positive impact on the labour market.  

4 Infrastructures and specialized industry

According to the latest Barómetro de los Círculos report from the Círculo de Empresarios business association, the high quality of our infrastructure and the specialization of our workers are two of the strengths that drive Spain’s growth potential. Our country ranks twelfth worldwide in the Global Competitiveness Index in infrastructure and it has risen by 40 places in terms of labour market efficiency since 2013.

5 Entrepreneurship

Spain is a major hub for entrepreneurship. According to the Entrepreneurship Map, prepared by the Spain Startup-South Summit, almost half of the Spanish people who have created a start-up are repeat or recurrent entrepreneurs. At present, 2 out of 10 Spanish start-ups have a team of 5 to 10 people and around 90% of these companies are actively and frequently seeking new staff.

6 Innovative companies

Spanish companies are among the most digitalized in the world. According to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), produced annually by the EU, Spain ranks eleventh in Europe in terms of digital transformation. Additionally, Spanish industry is focused on R&D and Innovation and is a key player in sectors such as Big Data, Smart Cities, robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

7 European Union

Foreign workers who obtain a long-term residence permit can live and cultivate a professional career in Spain on an equal footing with Spanish workers. Therefore, they also have the possibility of obtaining residence and work permits for other European Union countries—mobility that multiplies the opportunities for professional development.

8 Sustainable industry

Spanish industry is one of the most mindful of the environment and of sustainability. In fact, the Dow Jones World Sustainability World Index Composite, a benchmark index for sustainability and social responsibility standards in industry and finance, has included 14 Spanish multinationals in its annual global list of the companies that are most sustainable and have the best social responsibility policies.

9 Spanish language

Working in Spain is an excellent opportunity to learn Spanish, the second most spoken language in the world and a growing language in culture, business and online.

10 International Conferences

Spain hosts top-level conferences, fairs and international professional meetings that are great opportunities to network, boost professional profiles and promote new projects. The most important events include the Mobile World Congress, the Fitur International Tourism Trade Fair, the World Football Summit and South Summit.